V-Tron Capabilities

Process Engineering and Pre-Production Manufacturability Analysis

In an increasingly competitive enviroment, design engineers are pressured to get products to market as quickly as possible. At V-Tron, our process engineers function as part of your engineering team to provide validation of your assembly document prior to production.

This reverse engineering and documentation process not only verifies compatibility of materials and compliance with agency regulation, but also provides a manufacturing roadmap for a LEAN, IPC compliant, consistent product flow.


Information System and Manufacturing Controls

Our state-of-the-art ERP system manages and integrates all aspects of our business in one software package designed specifically for contract manufacturing environments. This allows all business units to communicate and share all information critical to their collective success. The ability to access accurate information quickly is essential in supporting customer requirements and maximizing overall value.

V-Tron’s MRP system plans and directs the purchase of all raw materials so skilled purchasing team members can focus on material plans for each client’s needs. Consigned, KANBAN or bonded inventory systems reduce lead time and overhead costs.

Manufacturing floor activities are tracked by “real time” bar-coded job travelers that provide:

Assembly associates with information critical for compliance with process documents, efficiency goals and quality metrics.

The process engineer with key information to validate accurate and efficient process plans.

A mechanism for collecting data to allow service advisors to track job progression.


Quality Built into Each Assembly

At V-Tron, quality isn’t an afterthought. From process development to final inspection, quality is monitored and built into each assembly throughout the manufacturing process

Administrative Activities

Manufacturing Support

Manufacturing Efficiencies

Internal and External Quality yields

Cost of Quality

On Time Delivery

Vendor Performance

Customer Satisfaction


The V-Tron Functional Guarantee

V-Tron provides a 100% guarantee that each assembly we manufacture will function according to your electrical design. Our test engineers develop and tailor test fixture and harness tools specifically to the characteristics of each assembly to ensure functionality. For over 40 years, our semi-automated assembly and test harness tools have been battle tested in every electronics industry. Our harnesses are built with direct guidance from the CPU controller, verifying each test point as they are made. We guarantee the fit and function of each and every harness we produce no matter how complex. Learn how partnering with V-Tron can speed your product development process.

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